Catacombz 26

November 11 2017 - 10:00

Eldorado High School
2200 Illinois Ave
Eldorado, IL

The LAN party rockin Southern Illinois since 1996 is back with Catacombz 26! Our next event will be begin at 10:00am on November 11 and will conclude at 5:00pm on November 12 in Eldorado, IL. 160 seats are available and cost $25 each for those who prepay, or $30 for those that wish to pay at the door. Should you want to avoid the late payment fee, but do not wish to pay online, please contact us to arrange an alternate means of payment. Early-bird registration will open at 12:00pm on Saturday 10/14/17, and we will offer an early bird discount price of $20 per seat for those who register and pay during the first 6 hours of registration (by 6:00pm). After that, general registration and standard pricing will be active.

If you are planning on attending, please register as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly. Please note once again that you must first register a user ID with the website before you will be able to register for this or any future events. Since we do not currently have an interactive seating map online, please choose the seat you are requesting in the registration form below. I’ve provided a map of existing seats as a reference. Any users not assigned to a seat placed accordingly. If you are part of a clan or group and would like to sit together, please utilize the comments box below to let us know how many of your group will be attending and we will do our best to sit you together. Also, please fill in the gaming handle field on the form as well so we know what to put on your ID tag.

Seat reservations for larger groups will be accepted, but they will only be held for 1 week. After that time, any reserved seats not claimed will be released back into general registration. Please reach out to me (DeZ) for more information.

Catacombz 26 Seatmap

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