Early Bird is Live!! (UPDATED)

Early bird registration for Catacombz 25 is now live! Get in while the getting is good, and save a few bucks while you’re at it!

UPDATE: We extended this event’s early-bird registration from just 6 hours to 3 WHOLE DAYS! Congrats to everyone who got in at the early-bird price. General registration is now open for all other attendees! Hope to see you sign up soon as we look to sell out this 160 seat event!!

Catacombz 25 Early Bird Begins Soon!!

Early bird registration for Catacombz 25 will open today 4/3 at 5pm Central time and will close at 11pm Central time. For those 6 hours, anyone who REGISTERS AND PAYS for the event on Catacombz.com will get their seat secured for only $20! Our general registration period will then open on Tuesday morning and seats will be $25, or $30 for anyone paying at the door.

We’ve expanded our event to run for 3 days and host up to 160 gamers for this event! We hope you’ll come out and join us!

Catacombz 24, Early Bird, and More!!

Hey everyone!!

We’re gearing up for Catacombz 24! It’s going to be held on November 12-13 at the Eldorado High School.

We’re going to offer early bird registration for this event. You can get a seat for only $20 during this time! Those who attend tomorrow night’s Mini-Combz event will have first crack at the seats, and then early bird registration will open up on Saturday afternoon from 12pm-6pm Central for everyone else. You MUST PAY within 24 hours of registering in order to qualify for the early bird discount! General registration for $25 per seat will open on Monday.

One last thing, I will be in attendance at the Mini-Combz tomorrow night, and I will be bringing my Oculus Rift VR headset for MINI-COMBZ ATTENDEES to demo if they wish. So if you’ve been thinking about going VR, this is your chance to check it out and then hang out for a great night of gaming!

Any questions? Drop us a line via e-mail or Facebook!